To be brutally honest!

To be brutally honest, I don’t like housework. I fake it just to be liked by some. To be brutally honest, I have my own plans for free time,that is wished to be cherished as ‘me time’. To be brutally honest, I have my wishes and likes. I don’t like to do away with them for the sake of others.

They Too Deserve To Follow Their Heart

Saakshi tiptoed to the door and opened it. She didn’t want to garner any unwanted attention. Listening to unsolicited advice was the last thing on her mind. All she desired was to spend the night in peace. The delivery boy arrived and gave her the package. She thanked him and was walking toward her room when “Who was at the door?” her mother-in-law’s voice startled her. The tune De re na, De re na played in her mind. She turned and felt as though the famous Ammaji was standing before her.

Pyaar hua, Iqraar hua: Love Saga 3

Love Saga 1 Love Saga 2 Dear Reader, You are advised to read Love Saga 1 and Love Saga 2 (Links above)👆before you proceed to read this part. Diwali 2021 What sparks awaited me? In anticipation I went to office and there he was seated alone in one corner of the canteen. It was a office holiday so only a couple of new trainees and the facility staff were around. He stood up when he saw me, and I headed towards the table. There was an uncomfortable silence. Then he spoke, “

Driving Lesson 101: Never drive with your husband in the passenger seat!

My face has turned red like a cherry tomato, not because of the scorching summer heat but of the simmering anger that bubbles within me; this happens whenever I am in the driving seat, driving the car. My husband sits beside me, guiding me through the lanes and streets of the city. I am still in the learning phase, trying courageously to conquer the fear that grips me; at the sight of rushing vehicles that whizzes beside me, sometimes they barge through the opposite sides, honking, signaling, and gliding with speed. God knows what power they possess! I see them  seated with their collars up, nostrils inflated, and munching chewing gum; the vanity they carry along is a sight to behold. 

It’s not just another morning!

My eyes fell on her. Never seen someone as adorable as her. She’d become my life. My heartbeat that just beat outside my body. My daughter. My eyes did a quick glance and took in her vitals. ‘Does she look weak? Did she cry too much when I’d left her side for a short while?’

#4. Another Mother In My Life – My Bua!

Blog #3: A few days ago, when I received a call from her she asked me, “Sonu beta, your  B.Ed got completed na?” “Haanji, I own the degree too now, but why?” I asked. “Umm…will you be able to teach History?” She asked, reluctantly. “History? I hated that subject. I know how I myself had passed it. But where is the vacancy?”

I’m Not Okay Without You!

On the same day of my vaccination, he got 101 degree fever but thought it can’t be because this time we were already taking medicines beforehand.
He talked to many people, everyone said it’s quite normal after vaccination.But after two days on 18th, there was no improvement in my condition and his fever, we decided to go for test.

The spy who loved me, but hated her…..

I was thirty-nine when I delivered a tiny, weak, fragile girl baby weighing just 2.2 kilograms. The initial five days were the easiest and best days of my delivery because of the hospital stay. There were nurses, helpers, and a few oldies too, who would enter the room, even if we hadn’t called for help. The very thought of getting tips, kept the staff on their toes. Deep within, I wished I could continue staying in that private AC room for months, provided I wasn’t asked to shell out Rs. 6,000 per day. 🤣🤣🤣

A Dash of BLACK

Let her come home in the evening.”“I will tell this to your mother today,” the girl mimicked her granny stooping and acting frail.As the old woman tried to reach for the little girl’s ear, she dashed to the balcony howling.“Shhh..

The Travails Of Being An Open Book

A thin stream of light pierced through the fissured window pane and fell on her face. The dark circles that engulfed those dove-shaped eyes shone under the effulgence of the pale yellow light. Shradha rubbed her eyes fervently and stared at her reflection. Her hollow, unblinking stare revealed the creases on her forehead. Tiny and dry specks of blood lined her chapped lips. She was just a year older but it felt as though she had aged considerably.

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